Un Amour Sans Fin


April 24 sees the release of a special Richard Clayderman collection to celebrate 40 years since the artist’s first concert in Japan. ‘Un Amour Sans Fin’ (An Endless Love) features two new tracks recorded especially for this release.

The first ‘Un Amour Sans Fin’ is composed by Paul de Senneville, his first new composition to be recorded by Richard Clayderman for nearly 15 years. Those of you who have listened to Paul’s music over the years will, no doubt, savour his mastery of creating beautiful melodies.

The second track is called ‘Duet’ and composed by Daniel Ciampolini, who accompanies Richard Clayderman on a type of drum called a ‘hang’. This curious musical instrument, looks a little like a flying saucer with Daniel manipulating, with dexterity and talent, to make bewitching, unusual sounds.

Full details will be available shortly…


2. Ballade Pour Adeline (Paul de Senneville)
3. Souvenirs D'Enfance (1) (Paul de Senneville)
4. Nostalgy (1) (Olivier Toussaint)
5. A Comme Amour (Paul de Senneville / Olivier Toussaint)
6. Mariage D'Amour (Paul de Senneville)
7. Murmurs (Paul de Senneville)
8. Chariots Of Fire (Vangelis)
9. Titanic Symphony (James Horner)
10. We're All Alone (Scaggs)
11. West Side Story Medley (Bernstein / Sondheim)
12. All I Ask Of You (Webber / Hart / Stilgoe)
13. The Phantom Of The Opera (Webber / Hart / Stilgoe / Batt)
15. Danse Hongroise N° 5 (Brahms)
16. Kalinka (Traditionnel)
17. Rhapsodie Hongroise N° 2 (Liszt)
18. A Bout De Souffle [Blue Rondo A La Turk] (Brubeck)
19. Root Beer Rag (Joel)