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Album cover: Romantique

Romantique (CD)
Richard Clayderman - Romantique is a brand new studio album, released by Decca.
Sentimental Memories (CD)
Evosound Taiwan 2CD release for 2013 featuring 30 timeless love songs.
Complete Collection (CD)
Universal Italia 10 CD release for 2012, featuring many of Richard Clayderman's classic recordings.
Prince Of Romance (2 CD)
Ambition Entertainment Australia release for 2012, featuring 30 classic love songs.
China Winter Concert Tour
(25 Concerts)
Dec 16, 2016 - Jan 23, 2017
Lithuania Concert
(1 Concert)
February 4, 2017
Latvia Concert
(1 Concert)
February 5, 2017
Romania Concert Tour
(5 Concerts)
March 6-10, 2017
Finland Concert
(1 Concert)
March 12, 2017
Also: Armenia, Tenerife, Croatia,
Serbia, Macedonia, Czech Republic, Korea, Japan,

An A to Z of the many Richard Clayderman studio and compilation albums & DVDs from around the world, featuring over 180 full track samples.
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Graphic: 3 Cds
  A selection of Richard Clayderman
videos including:
Ballade Pour Adeline
Chinese Garden
Les Premiers Sourires De Vanessa
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