Richard Clayderman Romantique
Brand new studio album released in the UK by Decca
Catalogue Number: 3724563
Release: 2013
Label: Decca Delphine
Country: Worldwide
Status: Available
"Romantique" is the stunning new studio album by Richard Clayderman, released worldwide by Decca.

The album was recorded in Sofia during September 2012, and features favourites old and new - an album to be enjoyed by everyone.

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Album Highlights include:
Montagues & Capulets,  The Flower Duet, Nessun Dorma and You Raise Me Up.

Album cover: Richard Clayderman Romantique

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Graphic: Track List




Adagio from Spartacus (Khachaturian)


Les Miserables - Medley (Schönberg) / (Schönberg / Boubil / Natel)
3. Track available as a REAL AUDIO file Ballade pour Adeline (Original recording) (Paul de Senneville)
4.   The flower duet (Delibes)


West side story - Medley (Bernstein / Sondheim)


Someone like you (Adkins / Wilson)
7.   Montagues & Capulets (Prokofiev)
8.   Schindler's List (Williams)
9.   Hallelujah (Cohen)
Le Onde (Einaudi)
11.   O Mio Babbino Caro (Puccini)


You raise me up (Lřvland / Graham)
13.   Nessun Dorma (Puccini)

Piano: Richard Clayderman
Featuring: The Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra - SIF 309 except "Ballade Pour Adeline"
Conductor: Deyan Pavlov
Guitar Solo: Maxine Devaux ("Someone Like You")
Vocals by Olivier Toussaint, Patrick Sigwalt & "Symphonic Choirs" sample ("Hallelujah")

Conceived and Orchestrated by Olivier Toussaint
Arranged by Gérard Salesses and Olivier Toussaint
"Ballade Pour Adeline": Arranged by Hervé Roy
Produced by Paul de Senneville and Olivier Toussaint


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