Richard Clayderman Plays Antique Pianos


‘Antique Pianos’ is a studio album for 2003 featuring Richard Clayderman performing mostly Japanese titles on Antique pianos made between 1793 and 1840.

Richard travelled to Japan with Patrick Sigwalt (Richard’s Mixer and Engineer) to record with the antique pianos, while the orchestra was recorded in Paris.

The four pianos used for this recording are shown below.

Album Highlights include:
‘Okina Furudokei’, ‘Stars on the earth’ and ‘Tsunami’.

Strohm 1793

Anton Walter 1795

Johann Fritz 1800

Carl Stein 1840


2. I Love You
4. Tsunami
6. Fall In Love
7. Pride
9. Yozoranomukou
10. Sakurazaka
11. Sotsugyou Shashin
12. Everything
13. Best Friend
14. Heartbreak Pacific
15. Singers Applause