Rêveries No. 2


Following the success of 1979’s ‘Rêveries’ album, this sequel was released in many countries around the world.

Rêveries No. 2‘ features a carefully chosen mix of classical pieces from the likes of Beethoven and Saint-Saens, modern love songs and original music from Paul de Senneville and Olivier Toussaint.

Album highlights include:
‘Lady Di, ‘Les Regrets’, ‘West Side Story Medley’ and ‘Les Derniers Jours D’Anastasia Kemsky’.


1. Lady Di (Paul de Senneville / Jean Baudlot)
2. Serenade (Schubert)
4. Guantanamera (Jose Fernandez Diaz)
5. Ne Me Quitte Pas (Brel)
7. Les Feuilles Mortes (Prevert / Cosma)
8. West Side Story Medley: (Maria, Tonight, America) (Bernstein / Sondheim)
9. Les Derniers Jours D'Anastasia Kemsky (Paul de Senneville / Jean Baudlot)
10. Le Cygne (Saint-Saens)
11. Greensleeves (Traditional - Arrangement: Olivier Toussaint / Gérard Salesses)
12. Romance (Beethoven)
13. Vivres Ailleurs (Paul de Senneville / Jean Baudlot)
15. Love Is A Many Splendored Thing (Fain / Webster)
16. Children Of The Wind (Koos du Plesses)
17. Le Deuxieme Slow (Paul de Senneville / Jean Baudlot)