Happy Birthday to Olivier Toussaint: Agent / Manager to Richard Clayderman.

As a present to her father for his birthday, Vanessa Toussaint du Wast was inspired to create a special sculpture to mark the international success of Richard Clayderman. The impressive 3-metre high design incorporates an arrangement of small wooden directional posts featuring every country and number of concerts performed by Richard Clayderman since his debut concert in 1979.

Vanessa says, “My father has been Richard Clayderman’s agent and manager since his debut and, without doubt, he has been the force behind each of the 2688 concerts performed by Richard Clayderman in 85 different countries around the globe.

Since I was born, I have always found myself fascinated by how passionate and dedicated my father has been and continues to be with the Richard Clayderman concerts, so it was very important to me to offer him something special as a tribute to the 40th anniversary of Richard Clayderman.

The advantage of the sculpture is that it is not fixed or unalterable. At each time Richard Clayderman performs in a country or performs a new concert, I will be able to update the information and add it to the existing sculpture”.