Medley Concerto


‘Medley Concerto’ is a Richard Clayderman studio album featuring 8 titles, many of which are medleys of popular classic titles from composers such as Bach, Mozart, Gershwin and Rossini.

Many tracks from this album have since been released on various compilation CDs around the world and are available to download.

Highlight tracks include:
‘Rhapsody In Blue’, ‘Sentimental Medley’ and ‘Give A Little Time To Your Love’


2. Give A Little Time To Your Love (Beethoven / Mozart / Paul de Senneville)
3. Bye Bye Tristesse (Chopin / Paul de Senneville)
4. The Bee Flies At Midnight (Korsakov / Debussy / Paul de Senneville)
5. Bach Gammon (Bach / Tchaikovsky / Brahms / Paul de Senneville)
6. Sentimental Medley (Rossini / Gounod / Bach / Albinoni / Paul de Senneville)
7. Rhapsody In Blue (Long Version) (Gershwin)
8. Give A Little Time To Your Love (Featuring 'The Group Lovers United') (Beethoven / Mozart / Paul de Senneville)