Love Follow Us


Love Follow Us‘ is a studio album featuring 12 Asian love songs.

The album is the first of three special recordings featuring Richard Clayderman together with other Delphine-label artists including Nicolas de Angelis (Guitar), Jean-Phillipe Audin (Cello), Diego Modena (Pipes / Ocarina) and Jean-Claude Borelly (Trumpet).

The full album, or individual tracks, can be downloaded via iTUNES, links to which are below.

Album highlights include:
‘Love Follow Us’, ‘Forgetting’, ‘Innocent’ and ‘Everlasting Love’.



3. Scar
4. Holding With Love (Chang Kuo Jung)
6. New Endless Love
7. Love Somebody Hate Somebody (Chou Hua Chien)
8. Say You Love Me (Wang Chih Ping)
9. Crazy For Love (Chen Sheng)
10. Contentment
12. The Drumbeat