Love Follow Us 2


Following the success of ‘Love follow us’ in 1996, ‘Love Follow Us 2‘ was released the follow year featuring 11 Asian Golden Hits.

Richard Clayderman was once again joined by Delphine-label artists including: Nicolas de Angelis (Guitar), Eric Coëuffé (Cello),
Diego Modena (Pipes / Ocarina) and Jean-Claude Borelly (Trumpet).

Many of the tracks can be downloaded via iTUNES.

Album highlights include:
‘Sea Of Tears’, ‘Hard To Decide’ and ‘Lemon Tree’


4. It Is Not My Fault To Love Him
5. Regret
6. The Little Paradise
7. Duck
8. Palm Of The Wood
9. It Is Worth A Look
10. The Former Love
11. I Don't Mean To Hurt You
12. Medley: Sea Of Tears / Hard To Decide / It Is Not My Fault To Love Him