Lettre À Ma Mère (Folio)


Lettre À Ma Mère‘ is a music folio book featuring many of the most popular titles from the studio album, together with some titles from Richard Clayderman’s previous albums including ‘Medley Concerto’.

This book was mainly sold in France, although was available in other Western European countries.  However, it is now very rare, but can occasionally be found on eBAY.

Music includes:
‘Lettre à ma Mère’, ‘Les Élans Du Cœur’, ‘Nostalgy’ and ‘Give A Little Time To Your Love’.


1. Lettre à ma Mère (Paul de Senneville)
2. Nostlagy (Olivier Toussaint)
3. Souvenirs d'Enfance (Paul de Senneville)
4. Mariage D'Amour (Paul de Senneville)
5. Histoire D'Un Rêve (Paul de Senneville)
6. Les Élans Du Cœur (Olivier Toussaint)
7. Mélodie Des Souvenirs (Olivier Toussaint)
8. Tendresses (Olivier Toussaint)
9. Premiers Chagrins (Olivier Toussaint / Paul de Senneville)
10. L'Enfant Et La Mer (Paul de Senneville / Olivier Toussaint)
11. La Millière (Paul de Senneville / Olivier Toussaint)
12. Old Fashion (Paul de Senneville / Olivier Toussaint)
13. Ping Pong Sous Les Arbres (Paul de Senneville / Olivier Toussaint)
14. Give A Little Time To Your Love (Beethoven / Mozart / Paul de Senneville)
15. Bach Gammon (Bach / Tchaikowsky / Brahms / Paul de Senneville)
16. Bye Bye Tristesse (Chopin / Paul de Senneville)