Friends France‘ is the third of three special studio albums featuring Richard Clayderman performing Asian love songs together with other Delphine-label artists.

The Delphine Artists include: Eric Couëffé (Cello), Nicolas de Angelis (Guitar),  Jean-Claude Borelly (Trumpet) and Diego Modena (Pipes).

Three of the tracks feature the Les Petits Ecoliers Chantants De Bondy Choir.

Some versions of ‘Friends France’ feature a bonus Video CD entitled ‘You Are My Friends’ featuring music from the album and interviews with the artists.

Album highlights include:
‘Friends’, ‘Place De Sun Airport / Listen To The Sea’, ‘Stop Saying I Love You’ and ‘The Fool’


3. River Of The Blues
4. The Fool
5. Have You Changed
6. Stop Saying I Love You
8. Listen To The Sea
9. Love Me Forever
11. Giving All My Love