Desperado‘ is a Richard Clayderman studio album featuring 10 original titles composed by Paul de Senneville and released in America and Europe.

This was the first studio album not to include any orchestration, and instead features backing tracks made up of percussion, bass, guitars, sax and keyboards.

Album highlights include:
Magic Night‘, ‘Desperado‘, ‘Prince Of The Rising Sun‘ and ‘Indigo Bay‘.

Richard Clayderman and his colorful recording ‘Desperado‘ offers to the listener one more beautiful opportunity to revel in the ever changing contours of the world famous Clayderman sound.  ‘Desperado‘ not only takes Clayderman to new heights musically, it also features the first U.S. recording in which he is accompanied by vocals.

During the album’s title track, American artist Gay Marshall adds sweet, whimsical tones to this engaging piece.  Marshall, who performed on Broadway and in Paris with CATS, is most noted for her show stopping performances of the play’s standard, “Memory.”

Clayderman – a true Parisian – was born in 1953, the son of a piano teacher.  Although trained classically, Clayderman was determined to take his art beyond traditional boundaries. To expand his talents, he formed a rock band, accompanied leading French entertainers when in Paris, and later became a session musician recording with major world artists…

Desperado‘ – a musical adventure one will want to embark on over and over again.  Enjoy the ride…


3. Un Hotel Au Bout Du Monde (Paul de Senneville)
4. Super Dreaming Day (Paul de Senneville)
5. Flamingo Road (Paul de Senneville)
7. Music For Nothing (Paul de Senneville)
8. Prince Of The Rising Sun (Paul de Senneville)
9. Magic Night (Paul de Senneville)
10. The Ultimate (Piano Solo) (Paul de Senneville)