Chinese Hits Forever (Chinese Evergreen)


‘Chinese Hits Forever’ (also known as ‘Chinese Evergreen‘) is a Richard Clayderman studio album featuring a selection of Chinese love songs.

The album is available to download in its entirety on iTUNES and SPOTIFY, links to which are above.

Album highlights include:
‘When Are You Returning’, ‘Childhood Days’, ‘Loving You More & More’ and ‘Heartbreak Pacific’.


2. Heartbreak Pacific (Nakajima / Chen)
4. Chasing 'The Search Of My Life' (Lee / Xili)
5. A Tale Of Two Cities (Yumi Arai / Cho Hisung Lee)
7. I Can't Feel You Yu Fan Chen / Hai Chaun Hu)
8. Loving You More And More (Chiharu Tamashiro / Jen Cheng Shih)
9. The Moon Tells My Heart (Sun / Weng)
10. A Singer's Applause (Chin Sisung Chen / Kuei Fen Chen)
12. When Are You Returning (Yun An Liu / Pei Lin)