Concert Performances (2016)

Richard Clayderman enjoyed a very successful year in 2016, which saw the artist travel to 17 countries and perform 67 concerts around the world. 

As with 2015, Richard Clayderman performed the most concerts in China, with the artist spending much of December and January there.

Between January 1st and December 31st 2016, Richard Clayderman performed the following concerts:


Country Number Of Concerts
China 31
Japan 8
Brazil 4
Romania 4
 Ecuador  3
 Malaysia  3
 Canada  2
 New Zealand  2
 Taiwan  2
 Bulgaria  1
 Egypt  1
 Malta  1
 Russua  1
 Spain  1
 Sri Lanka  1
Switzerland  1
 Thailand  1
Grand Total 67 Concerts

Let us thank and congratulate all our partners with whom we have been able to achieve such an excellent result.