101 Solistes Tziganes (101 Gypsy Soloists)


“I wished for a long time to record with a big gypsy orchestra and my dream has come true” says Richard.

‘101 Solistes Tziganes’ (‘101 Zigeuner Violinen’ / ‘101 Gypsy Soloists’ / Danse! Danse! Danse!) is an incredible studio album featuring 12 gypsy-style titles from composers such as Brahms and Liszt.

Album highlights include:
‘Kalinka’, ‘Danse Hongroise N° 1’, ‘Danse Hongroise N° 6’ and ‘Czardas’.


3. Danse Du Sabre (A. Katchaturyan)
4. Ivouchki (Traditionnel)
6. Danse Hongroise N° 1 (J. Brahms)
7. Bohemian Melody (F. Liszt)
8. Les Grelots Du Traîneau (Traditionnel)
9. Rhapsodie Hongroise N° 2 (F. Liszt)
11. Danse Hongroise N° 5 (J. Brahms)
12. Bohemian Melody (F. Liszt)