Towards the end of 1998, I first met a gentleman called Gary McCartney.  He had been in contact with Olivier Toussaint, one of my two producers, interested in creating an official website for me.  The location was Pearson Studios in London, and I was delighted with Gary’s enthusiasm, his knowledge of my recordings and his commitment to create and maintain a website for me.  A few months later, www.clayderman.co.uk was live and approaching 20 years since, it continues to provide up-to-date information about my tours, concerts and recordings.

2017 is, of course, a very special year for me as it marks 40 years since the release of  ‘Ballade Pour Adeline’ – my first big success.  So what better time to introduce my brand new website?  Redesigned from the beginning, the objective was to create a modern, musical, interesting site that is easy to navigate and packed full of information about my current tours and recordings since 1977.

I very much hope you will enjoy looking through the site.

A bientôt…

  Richard Clayderman (April 2017)



latest news

2017 was a special year for Richard Clayderman, celebrating the 40th Anniversary as a recording artist.

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Richard Clayderman - Deutsche Volkslieder

'Deutsche Volkslieder' studio album re-issued.

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Richard Clayderman: Taiwan Concert

Richard Clayderman’s 40th Anniversary celebrations continue with the confirmation of two Taiwan tours during July, 2017.

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Richard Clayderman - Malaga 2017

Richard Clayderman will be performing a concert in Malaga on August 6, 2017.

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Richard Clayderman Touring Canada and United States

5-Concert Tour during September and October, 2017.

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Richard Clayderman Australia Tour

5 Concert Tour including Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.

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"The Best of Richard Clayderman - 40th Anniversary Celebration" by Richard Clayderman

A celebration of 40 years since 'Ballade Pour Adeline', including 3 new recordings.

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Richard Clayderman performing Dublin Concert

Richard Clayderman to perform Dublin concert in September 2017

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Richard Clayderman - A Musical Journey CD

'A Musical Journey', a new collection of Richard Clayderman classics, was released at the latter end of 2016.

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In tribute to the 40th Anniversary of Richard Clayderman, painter Peter Mc Lane, renowned by “The Museum of Computer Art of New York”

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Richard Clayderman enjoyed a very successful year in 2016, which saw the artist travel to 17 countries and perform 67 concerts around the world.

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